Ten cheapest ways to improve the look of your home

Posted By on Jan 20, 2016 |

After few years some parts of your home may seem you little boring, or you should think that they can be decorated in another way. Then you find yourself in situation of how much money you can spend, because your budget is limited. However, you don’t need large amounts of money in order to decorate your house nicely.

Here are ten advices we find it can be useful to you and help you decorate your house without spending too much money.

1.Whether you have small or big kitchen, old or new, additional shelves are always needed. If you don’t have the money to replace old cabinets, you can always replace them with interesting shelfs, you can put them in the angle, or on empty wall, some of them can be open. The final result will definitely surprise you.


2.Wooden floor gives such a warmth that can’t be compared with any other material. However, during the time they get old and they don’t seem appealing at all, covered with dust and dirt. To return shine to your old floor you should polish it with professional detergents. So he could keep his original look, you should polish at least once a year.


3.Hall has significant role in creating a first impression when your guest come. It doesn’t matter how the rest of your place look like, if your hall is messy, the whole place is messy. That’s just the matter of phycology. In order to prevent that, you should place in the hall simple hanging shelves, cabinets, hat stands and keep everything neatly arranged. Decorate all with pillows and mattresses with matching colors and shapes.

4. You can refresh whole place if you change one color of the wall and place there few rows of shelves. Shelves should be full of pictures, book, and frames that will complete the look.

5. Refresh your bedroom with new color, new curtains of with some interesting decorations. Two colors should dominate the room, because you don’t want to create the effect of chaos. Bedroom is oasis of peace and your place for rest.


6. In order to make your space classy and elegant, you can put molding of on the walls, this can enrich ceilings, doors, windows and walls. You would be surprised how cheap the moldings are.

7. Your windows give new Roman look, and these curtains you can make yourself, they are very functional and very esthetic.


8. Your daily routine begin with a bathroom in which you will put some new layers of paint. Even the white titles can look chic, and the new container for the bathroom and new multi-functional shower will give him even better look.

9. If you have lot of movies and CDs, why not organize them and place them in a new media shelf.

10. From old cabinet you can make closet for vine. Every one of us have some old cabinet that doesn’t use, then why not refresh it with new color and place vine bottles in it.

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