Tips and ideas for decorating the space with mirrors

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Here are some tips and ideas for decorating the space with mirrors. Mirrors have always been an inevitable part of every home decoration. The reason for this is their multiple occupancy and decorative role, which means that the mirrors in the apartment may pose as pieces of furniture, as well as the final decorative details.


However, the magical power mirrors is much higher! Mirrors can completely transform the space and make it visually much more spacious and brighter.

This is especially useful trick for small rooms or apartments. Place the mirror on the wall located opposite the window and you will see how in this way a visual impression of space increased and enriched. If, however, you want a room to make a lighter, find the best angle relative to the light source under which it will refuse just mirror on one side you want to highlight further.

This method is particularly suitable for deep spaces with little natural light. When it comes to decorative or aesthetic dimension, then the role of mirror is inevitable. Thanks to improved development of various forms of mirrors or mirror frames for them, there is little room in the home where she cannot find their place.

Mirrors in the house stand out and emphasize the interior style, each room seem more beautiful and more complete, if you put them in the proper place and decide for the corresponding frame or shape. If you want your home office according to the rules of feng shui, it is very important that you know what are the places where it is desirable, or on which is strongly placed mirrors.


First, the mirror cannot be placed on the walls of the bedroom, and in particular against the bed, because the entries disturbing energy and suggest a third person among the partners.

 In the wall the mirror should reflect the favorable space, meaning no toilet, staircase, kitchen stove or oven, and the most important thing is that it does not reflect the front door, because that way there is a leakage current of fresh energy that has just entered the home.


It is especially important to know, because the most common places to put mirrors precisely lobby or corridors leading from the front door to the living room, so it is important to set the correct place. Feng shui suggest that the best place for mirrors in the dining room, above fireplaces (as long as it is not reflected fire), as well as in narrow hallways, corridors and small corners, where an excellent conductor of fresh energy. And if you want a freshness of  your carpet than you should call a solid carpet cleaning service in Awhatukee.


We use mirrors to enhance the light. When we are talking about outdoors then we can use all kind of lamps in the same purpose.By this I mean on wall and desk lamps, electric, battery or solar power, and they are pleasing to the gatherings, conversations, entertainment. Lamps which are filled during the day by solar energy are an excellent choice for lamps that will illuminate the paths in the yard.

Their power is such that only emphasize the path, which is enough for the yard. Paths and important places in the yard, especially decorated with beautiful details, the cities want to be stressed, can be highlighted and outdoor lighting which is more or less visible. Whichever type of lighting you choose, know that well-designed and distributed lighting can contribute much to the appearance of the whole yard.

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